Architectural Design Services

Planning Process


Telephone us to arrange a free initial consultation

to discuss your proposals and to estimate fees.


We will carry out a measured survey of your property,

draw up plans as existing and prepare feasibility drawings for discussion.


Final drawings and documents will then be submitted

to the Local Authority (LA) for planning permission.


 Once planning permission has been granted,

we will prepare detailed construction plans and documents, if required,

to be sent to the Local Authority for Building Regulation Approval.


Time Scales - these vary for each property, but as a general guide

Initial consultation to submitting the application to LA, 4 - 6 weeks

LA requires approx 8-10 weeks to give their decision

Preparing drawings and documents for building regulation approval, 3 - 5 weeks

LA requires approx 6 weeks to approve the plans.

Time scales may vary if you have a listed building, 

 or if you require a structural engineer, ecological and/or arboricultural surveys.